Imagine having your own 24/7 engagement team (ISA) who contacts your fresh leads within minutes of their inquiry, asking all the right questions, and filtering out the unmotivated leads from the hot prospects…
Well, no need to imagine it anymore.

Engage Fast, Convert More

We respond to all your leads within 5 minutes, 24/7 and reach out over the next 5 days to try and make contact to see if they are ready to meet with an agent. Our mission is to connect you with hot prospects.

Powered by People

Our 100%  U.S. based team is powered by humans who are trained to gather all the information you need using friendly and natural conversation.

Refer Leads You Don’t Want

With the click of a button you can refer the leads you don’t want or can’t handle back to Tim Possible. We’ll handle the details and pay you a 25% referral fee on each closed deal.


Every agent receives leads they don’t want or can’t handle. Whether it be a price point too low, a location too far, or you’re finally going on that dream vacation to Switzerland; you’re leaving money on the table if you ignore or delete these leads.

Instead, start monetizing your excess leads with Time Possible’s global coverage network. Simply click “Refer it” on eligible leads, we’ll match them with a top agent, handle all the details, and pay you a 25% referral fee on every deal that closes.

Outsourced Telecommunications
Used By Big Brands

Global Coverage


Localized Service With Global Coverage

Central Communications is able to provide businesses with answering services nationwide. From the largest city to the smallest town, Call Center Agents will provide your company with the answering services that it needs. Central Communications prides itself in its knowledgeable staff. Able to be an extension of your company’s workforce, our agents offer your customers the information and attitude that perfectly represents your company.

Let Us Help You Meet All of Your Call Center Needs Today